Kate Holcomb Hale



brings together a selection of contemporary artists that revel in the freedom of abstraction. Sculptural approaches abound, characterized by the manipulation of painted wood, plastic, paper, unstretched canvas, dyed yarn and fiber. The exhibition celebrates a spirit of vitality and the radical act it is to be joyful and buoyant against a world that has so much difficulty. By reshaping abstract painting and sculpture into new hybrids and formulations of color, shape and line, they beckon us, inviting us into a conversation with the work that engages our minds as well as our senses. 

- Adria Arch, curator


Boston University Stone Gallery

"The artwork presented in this exhibition draws from artists’ established painting practices while offering space for newly commissioned work to unfold in a large-scale installation format. Distilled into four distinct expressions of painting in the expanded field, Painting& interrogates the definition and delineation of a medium through augmentation, amendment, and expansion. It’s both something and something more.”

-Mallory Ruymann, curator

ON VIEW : January 18–March 8, 2024


Cicely Carew

Kate Holcomb Hale

Soyoung L Kim

Chanel Thervil

Opening reception : Thursday, January 18th 6-8:00 pm

Closing artist panel discussion : Wednesday, March 6th 6-8:00 pm

Register HERE for tickets to the panel discussion

Missives from the Care Bubble

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Cate McQuaid, art critic for The Boston Globe, about my solo exhibition "lean, STAND, COLlapse" at the Danforth Museum of Art. We chatted about loss, creating a bubble of care, receptivity and leaning into collaboration.

"The paint-mottled, inverted table with splayed legs anchors a domestic space. Other tables slouch and slump against a wall. Talking with Kate, I described the show as “receptive” a lot, and I kept leaning back and splaying my arms – needing, somehow, to reenact what I saw: Exhausted figures, soft places to fall. “Lean, STAND, Collapse” is a place I felt I could bring my stress, be accepted, and begin to relax."

-Cate McQuaid

You can watch the entire zoom interview HERE

lean, STAND, COLlapse


My solo exhibition, lean, STAND, COLlapse, opens October 7th at The Danforth Art Museum. The gallery will operate as stand-in for the domestic sphere as kitchen tables and fragments of home serve as vehicles to consider the invisible labor of care, grief, and the residue of families. Part of an ongoing collaboration with my soft sculptures, Nora Stephens and MacKenzie LeTorré will debut their live performance WE ALWAYS GET BACK UP in the museum on October 21st. A single-channel video of our collaboration will also be featured in the exhibition.

ON VIEW : October 7, 2023 to January 28, 2024

Opening Reception : Saturday, October 14th 6-8:00 PM

Dance Performance : Saturday, October 21st 3:00 PM *SOLD OUT

Encore Dance Performance : Saturday, January 14th 12:30 PM *SOLD OUT

Artist Talk w/Dr. Noelle Roop : Sunday, January 28th 3:00 PM

*photography by Wendell Pierre

I'm excited to share that this summer I will be attending the Jenny Family Residency in New Edinburgh, Nova Scotia. My family and I will be spending 2 weeks in July at a summer home across the road from Baie Sainte-Marie that Maine College of Art & Design alumni Barbara Rita Jenny MFA '02 donated as a unique residency inclusive of an artist's partners and families.

I'm excited to share my work has been selected for the Mother Art Prize group exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection in London, March 30 – June 25, 2023.

21 artists among 630 entries from 36 countries were selected this year by: 

- Dr. Charlotte Bonham-Carter (Independent curator + writer, and Head of International Partnerships, CCW, University of the Arts London)

- Niamh Coghlan (Director, Richard Saltoun Gallery)

- Pauline de Souza (Director, Diversity Art Forum)

- Caroline Douglas (Director, Contemporary Art Society)

- Touria El Glaoui (Director of 1-54 Art Fair)

Established and curated by Procreate Project, the Mother Art Prize is the only international prize for self-identifying women and non-binary visual artists with caring responsibilities.

The selected artworks are connected by a deep urge to address intersectional socio-cultural matters. Visitors are invited to engage with works that speak of the tension between a capitalistic culture and the lived experiences of those living at the margins: those who are raised in the diasporas, those who are living in poverty and with disabilities, those playing with the notions of ‘human’, the female, the pregnant and the mother. Across a range of media, with differing styles of expression and cultural perspectives, and a touch of humor, these artists create a conversation between history, contemporary lives and the future. 

Video tour of the exhibition here

Pre-order the Mother Art Prize exhibition book here

A selection of my paper clay works are now available via TROVE, Deanna Evans Projects’ new platform. TROVE is an online destination for great, affordable small artworks and works on paper from the best emerging artists. TROVE evolved from many years of DEP's successful online flat file, and is a unique opportunity to collect work straight from an artist's studio.

Deanna Evans Projects

373 Broadway, E15, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013


enclose (kitchen cabinet), 2022

paper clay, pastel

6.5 x 7.5 x .75 inches (work)

*12 x 15 inch framed included


store (china cabinet), 2022

paper clay, pastel

7 x 5 x 1 inches (work)

*12 x 15 inch framed included


support (bedside table), 2022

Paper clay, pastel

7 x 9 x 2 inches (work)

*12 x 15 inch framed included


stumble (staircase), 2023

Paper clay, pastel

7 x 10 x 2.25 inches (work)

*12 x 15 inch framed included




At the beginning of 2023 Tova Health, founded by Eva Zasloff, welcomed their 500th baby into their practice. In celebration, there will be festivities during the week of March 18-25 including an interdisciplinary group art exhibit addressing the newborn and postpartum moment termed the fourth trimester.

OPENING RECEPTION Saturday, March 18th 

6 pm to 9 pm 

The barn at 18 Mill Lane • Arlington, MA




"The fourth trimester is a portal that ripples 

across and beyond life like Hildebrandt-Hussey’s 

concentric circles. The reverence with which these 

artists treat this transitional time calls attention

to how easily our society shrugs it off, and helps 

us envision better physical, soulful care."

-Cate McQuaid

The exhibition includes works by 

Emily Auchincloss 

Cicely Carew 

Maya Erdelyi 

Kate Holcomb Hale 

Katrine Hildebrandt 

Alison Judd

Crystalle Lacouture 

Joetta Maue 

Meghan Morris 

Nadya Volicer 

Eva Zasloff 

Fragments of Home: 

In Conversation with Kate Holcomb Hale

“Fragments of Home: In Conversation with Kate Holcomb Hale” is featured in the recent issue of Boston Art Review Issue 09: BURNOUT. Shana Dumont Garr, contemporary art curator, writer and educator, visited Kate in her home studio to discuss burnout, the invisible labor of families. grief and how the domestic sphere can inform one’s artistic viewpoint.

About Issue 09: Burnout 

This issue is dedicated to exploring how burnout can act as a catalyst for collaborating and collective organizing while also acknowledging the necessity for care in moments of exhaustion. The work presented in this issue digs into the complex power dynamics inherent to labor, care work, and unseen effort. How does burnout lead to precarity for small organizations, art spaces, or even personal practices? What does a post-burnout culture look like? Purchase Issue 09 or subscribe via the link below.



Edinburgh, Scotland

EH7 6AE United Kingdom


Oct 8-29th 2022

Cartography of Care is an exhibition curated in response to the idea of an emotional atlas. It brings together the work of an international group of artist mothers working across a variety of disciplines to explore how we might map the human experience of caregiving. The exhibition considers the relationships between geographies, maps and emotions and traces the physical and interior journeys and landscapes of these artists: Artworks which explore how the experience of care can be physically mapped on the maternal body, in domestic space, in our relationships with ourselves, and in how we care for others in times of crisis.

Visit the exhibition page for more details

*above image Juliette Berkeley; Crow and Mamie, from the Life and Songs of the Crow, oil on canvas.


Gallery 263

Cambridge, MA


9/8 – 10/8/22

Gallery 263 is pleased to announce A Long Line, a national group exhibition. This show is juried by Erika b Hess, painter, curator and the host of the I Like Your Work podcast. In A Long Line, the 18 featured artists present work that considers familial connections, whether the representation is genealogical or more broadly defined.

Utilizing photography, painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, textile, graphic design, printmaking, installation, and sculpture, this group of artists shares intimate contemplations of lineage. Most use objects imbued with meaning––including lottery scratch-off tickets, family photographs, and paper records––as medium or inspiration to examine familial relationships. Themes of memory, domesticity, labor, class, immigration, identity, and more are all on view in this exhibition.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Brenda Ciardiello, Catherine LeComte, Devin Howell Curry, Diana Jean Puglisi, Donna Gordon, Erik Grau, James Estrada, Jila Mannani, Kara Patrowicz, Kate Holcomb Hale, Krystle Brown, L. Fayiza Wright, Patrick Brennan, Sarah Cassani, Sarah Wondrack, Scott Lerner, Sofia Berger, Wenxin Zhao

Header Image: “Pietá-Felicitá (Danaus Plexxipus: sleepy transformation)” by Brenda Ciardiello

Cicely Carew x Kate Holcomb Hale

Is it Wednesday Yet?

Cicely Carew x Kate Holcomb Hale

— LaiSun Keane Gallery

460C Harrison Ave, Boston

— May 6 -29, 2022

Opening May 6th 5-8PM

Exploring the nature of collaboration, communication and connection, artists Cicely Carew and Kate Holcomb Hale come together in LaiSun Keane Gallery’s May exhibition, Is It Wednesday Yet?. The exhibition will include new collections of each artist’s individual works, as well as works the artists created together to activate the gallery space. 

The Boston-based artists each make abstracted sculptures using unusual, found and common household materials, embracing color and exalting prosaic objects and materials into a discourse on ephemerality and the desire to make the invisible visible. 

Is It Wednesday Yet? will be on view May 6-29, 2022 at LaiSun Keane Gallery, 460C Harrison Ave C8A, Boston MA 02118.

Visit our exhibition page for more info and materials

Photo credit: Joyelle West

Aurelia Wrenn, The Summer's Last Watermelon, 2020

POETICS OF PROCESS: 2022 Maine College of Art + Design Alumni Triennial

ICA at Maine College of Art + Design

ON VIEW January 28 – March 12

FEATURED ARTISTS: Ellen Babcock '84, Adam Chau '10, Elijah River Dion '19, Dylan Hausthor '15, Kate Holcomb Hale MFA '07, Cade Jarvis '20, Sandra Lapage MFA '13, Addison de Lisle '11, Olivier '19, Lynn Simmons '01, Brian Smith MFA '20, Lin Snow '20, C. David Thomas '68, Evelayn Wong MFA '19, Paula Wood MFA '04, Aurelia Wrenn '20, Jay York '80

Poetics of Process brings together seventeen artists whose work often settles within a hybrid space of imaginative making and unmaking; ritual and rigour; and documenting the everyday. The exhibition proposes intimate strategies and coping mechanisms for navigating the current socio-political climate. The last two years have caused the world to pause, reflect and reimagine and the works that make up this exhibition mirror this moment through their materiality, visible labor, and conceptual underpinnings. There is something powerful in the terrain of the everyday and the deliberate ways in which meaning can be made. As the artist and educator, Manny Farber writes in his seminal 1962 essay White Elephant vs. Termite Art, “A peculiar fact about termite-tapeworm-fungus-moss art is that it goes always forward eating its own boundaries, and, likely as not, leaves nothing in its path other than the signs of eager, industrious, unkempt activity.

Kate McNamara, Guest Juror

Kate McNamara is a curator and educator based in Providence, RI. She currently holds the position of Executive and Creative Director of My HomeCourt, a nonprofit arts organization working with contemporary artists to revitalize city parks. McNamara is also Curator-at-Large at Providence College-Galleries; administrator at Interlace Grant Fund; and is a Visiting Critic at RISD and Sotheby's Institute of Art.

Photograph by Carolyn Wachnicki, courtesy of Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA&D


Opening November 23, 2021 and on view through January 2, 2022, this environmental site-responsive installation brings together local artists and global travelers in a celebration of reconnecting and coming together in spaces of gathering. 

We invite everyone to stop by @ninezerohotelboston to experience joy, whimsy, and wonder by seeing the work of a fantastic group of artists living in and around Boston: 











Image credit: Detail of Maya Erdelyi’s “Ode to LA #14,” 2021. 

Collage, monoprints, silkscreen. 14 x 14 x 3.5 (inches).









Praise Shadows Art Gallery is pleased to present Alchemized Dimensions, the first exhibition in the Praise Shadows Mentorship Program. Organized by 2021 mentees Sahara Curry and Liana Rice, with Curatorial Advisor Leah Triplett Harrington, the artists in the group exhibition include Caleb BrownSamantha FieldsBrian Christopher GlaserGarrett GouldKate Holcomb Hale, and Sa’dia Rehman. The works include drawing, installation, sculpture, painting, and textile.

Commission for Google's 

permanent collection

Cambridge, MA

"Is your body in the group?"  

Mixed-media installation  

Charcoal, acrylic paint, paper 

and decal vinyl  

6' x 23' x 4"  


I’m happy to share the news that last year I was commissioned by Google to create an installation for their permanent collection in Cambridge, MA. My mixed-media installation “Is your body in the group?” is installed at their recently expanded Cambridge location (opening later in 2021).

It was an amazing opportunity to grace the walls of Google alongside so many talented Boston-area artists. Many thanks to Mallory Ruymann and Natalie Lemle at art_work.s who were a dream to work with and Abigail Ogilvy Gallery for being a proponent of my work for this project.

The Studio Image Project | Friend of the Artist

My studio is currently featured on 

www.friendoftheartist.com as part of 

The Studio Image Project. Learn 

more about the project and scroll 

through some drool worthy studios 

on their site




“Drawing from the past”  

by Cate McQuaid

December 13, 2019