Kate Holcomb Hale

Painting &

support (column)

cotton, acrylic paint, foam, metal fencing, chicken wire

156 x 36 x 36 inches, 2024


Painting& highlights the ways in which painting has transformed into an expansive expression incorporating a variety of mediums and techniques. Grounded in a contemporary and regional context, the exhibition features newly commissioned artwork by Cicely Carew, Chanel Thervil, Kate Holcomb Hale, and Soyoung L. Kim. Painting& presents these artists together for the first time.

“This group exhibition examines the porosity and mutability of painting through a collaboration with four artists living and working in New England. With practices grounded in the process and materiality of painting, these artists engage in a hybrid, multiple-media approach to making, equally calling upon traditions of muralism, sculpture, installation, performance, new media, and more."

– curator, Mallory Ruymann

ON VIEW : January 18 – March 8, 2024

ARTIST PANEL : Wednesday, March 6th 6-8:00 PM

photography courtesy Mel Taing


guide (railing)

cotton, poly-fil, acrylic paint


photography courtesy Mel Taing


cotton, acrylic paint, poly fil, cardboard